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Samsung Easy Printer Manager

Samsung Easy Printer Manager is the main printer software application created for use with Samsung gadgets in which can use to set up, monitor, and keep tracking of printers linked to a network.

The primary user interface of the program is not too complex. It is suited for everyone, including the average home user of Samsung’s printer, whether it’s New, advance, or power user; you can use Samsung Easy Printer Manager to handle a single printer or even numerous printers.

Samsung Easy Printer Manager

Samsung Easy Printer Manager

Regarding the functionality, the program is not just limited to printing functions; It also enables the user to scan and fax and buy materials from Samsung’s partners from within the application. Depending on the device, you can use Samsung Printer Manager to set up SyncThru web services.

Samsung Printer Supervisor, depending upon the equipment, can set up SyncThru web services too.

This application will list devices that are connected on the left panel. If you select the device, it will show toner, Ink, IP address, device serial number and hostname, and location.

Another benefit of this utility is giving the user quick and easy access to different tools such as fast scanning, E-book conversion, sending faxes, SNS Upload, and the main configuration option like setting up your Samsung printer on the network.

Overall, Samsung Easy Printer Manager is undoubtedly easy to use and offers fast access to printer settings, scanning choices, and possibly fixing options.

How To Install Samsung Easy Printer Manager

1. Click the Download button and launch the Samsung Printer Installer.

2. Connect a printer to your PC to install the printer software.

3. Follow the instructions in installer.

* Note: If your printer supports wireless printing, you can configure the wireless settings during installation.

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Samsung Easy Printer Manager