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Canon ij scan utility mac is usually sought and downloaded by those who have a Canon scanner. When it comes to scanners, the brand Canon should always be considered to be the best. There are many types of Canon scanner and they are all performing great job in scanning, and sometimes copying, documents, photos, flyers, and everything else. If you have this scanner and use it in daily basis, just make sure there is this software in your PC. 

About IJ Scan Utility From Canon

For your information, Canon IJ Scan Utility software allows you to perform scanning with ease. Without the software, you will not be able to use the scanner and you cannot perform any troubleshoot as well. This software does not normally come automatically with scanner. You will have to download and install the software on your own. 

Canon IJ Scan Utility

ij scan utility

What is the Function of Ij Scan Utility?

Well, the best function of this software, besides to scan a document, is to adjust the scan area. The software can be used as well to check the performance of scanner and copy the documents. 

How to Download and Install Canon IJ Scan Utility.

Canon IJ Scan Utility can be downloaded and installed easily on PC. You do not need to use professional help to add the software to your PC. As long as you have reliable internet connection, it should be able to be installed as soon as possible. Follow these instructions.

  1. Head to the Canon Support webpage then follow the steps below.
  2. Type your scanner version within Enter a product text box. Choose your printer model out from the drop down menu list, then click Go.
  3. Within the Drivers & Downloads section, and then please ensure that you are choosing the right OS system is chosen from the menu.
  4. From the driver tab menu, get the Drivers for your canon printer or scanner, and opt for the Select button in the right.
  5. Choose the Download option to save the file in your computer.
  6. Download the installation package. Once you have the package, locate the downloaded file. Usually it will be saved on “Download” folder on the PC. Double click on the file to start installation process.
  7. There will be some prompts that appear on the screen during installation process. Follow the prompts and click on “Agree” or “Yes” to complete the installation.

Check Image Below.

how to download ij scan utility step 1

ij scan utility download step 2

To learn more in dept and detail about Download and run the IJ Scan Utility on a Windows computer click here

How to Use IJ Scan Utility?

One of the best uses of this software is to perform auto scan. The scanner will automatically and easily scan your documents or photos and detecting the type of things to scan. If you scan documents, it will be automatically saved as PDF file. Meanwhile, if you scan photos, it will be saved as JPEG file. Now, to use the auto scan, you can follow these instructions.

  1. Turn on the Canon scanner properly.
  2. Open the lid of scanner and place the original document / photos on scanning surface.
  3. Close the lid of scanner.
  4. Click on the Canon IJ Scan Utility icon to launch it.
  5. Once the software is launched, click the “Auto” button on the far left.
  6. Wait until the scanning process is done and check the result on Auto Scan folder. 

Well, the information above is enough to make you understand about the software. Now, if you have not used the software, and you want the Canon scanner to work properly, just follow the step by step process of downloading and installing the software up above. By the time you have Canon IJ Scan Utility in PC, you can use scanner with no problem at all.

OS Compatibility :

Windows : 
Windows 10,8.1,8 and 7 for both 32/ 64-bit

Mac OS :
Mac OS X 10.13,10.12,10.11,10.10,10.9,10.8


Download IJ Scan Utility

Canon IJ Network Scan Utility

Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite Ver.3.0.2

Canon IJ Scan Utility Ver.2.1.6 (Mac OS X 10.7)

Canon IJ Scan Utility OCR Dictionary Ver.1.0.5

IJ Network Driver Ver. 2.5.7 / Network Tool Ver. 2.5.7


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